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  • Gnugen Install Fest and Git Workshop

    This weekend, on Saturday, March 23rd, GnuGen organized an install fest and a git workshop. More info there

  • Stammtisch on March 25th, 2024

    March 25th at 18h30, in MED 0 1418 (Adrien Palaz) – Exciting news for mapping enthusiasts! Dr. Julien Vallet, Director of Sixense Helimap SA, will be unraveling the journey of LiDAR technology in the mapping industry. Join us for an insightful evening at EPFL, as Dr. Vallet explores the history, principles, evolution, and limitations of…

  • Stammtisch on November 27th, 2023

    November 27th in MED 0 1418 (Adrien Palaz) – IEEE EPFL Student Branch is proud to announce our collaboration with the EPFL Carbon team for an upcoming conference dedicated to one of the most pressing issues of our time – Carbon Capture.  As our world faces the ever-increasing challenges of climate change, the importance of…